Professional Party Planning

At Georgia Tent Company we understand that having assistance in the planning of your event is really important to many people. We provide the professional organization, connections and experience that can really put your event over the top! While some party planning professionals take their clients expectations and vision as suggestions rather than direction, we stay true to our customers. The process will be a collaborative one, in which you describe the event you want and we make it happen!

Hiring a wedding consultant to plan your big day has been seen as a luxury in the past. Not anymore! Many people have enjoyed the benefits of our event planning services and we know that you’ll love it just as much as they did. Planning a wedding can be a full time job, especially if it’s only being performed by the bride! You should be able to fully enjoy this moment in time. Let us take over the details while you focus on the big picture: You and your wedding day.

Our event planners have a unique perspective that is difficult to find outside of the industry. They use their creatively and innovation to design things you could only imagine in your wildest dreams. Our staff of planners is also very talented when it comes to client interactions. It is very easy for them to extract vital information on client visions based off a simple conversation. While it may be difficult for you to put your ideas into words, our planning professionals make it seem easy. The event planners at Georgia Tent Company have experienced every roadblock you can imagine. They have the knowledge and experience needed to bypass these issues and keep your event on track. Keeping the attitude of the host or bridal party positive is very important during big events and our planners are wonderful at it!

Being a small part of your big day gives us great pride and we take it very seriously. We understand what it takes to successfully execute an event plan and look forward to helping you with yours. Our team of professionals is always on call to answer any questions you may have. Call us in Atlanta today to get started!